Order a Parasol and Base and get FREE DELIVERY. Automatically applied at Checkout.NB. Seconds not included. Order a Parasol and Base and get FREE DELIVERY. Automatically applied at Checkout. NB. Seconds not included.

Magnolia Parasol

£345.00 £250.00

We only have a few Magnolias left.  Some are slight seconds, with a few light marks on the underside which are very faint. If you are happy with a Second, Add CODE: SLIGHTSECOND50 on checkout, for an additional 50% OFF.  = £125

A beautifully delicate combination of white and silver gives our Magnolia Parasol a delicate air which will grace your garden setting and would also be a lovely addition to a Wedding or special Garden Party. The internal threading in white adds to the overall feeling of softness the parasol provides.

We deal ethically with proud Artisans embracing Ceremonial history using traditional designs and locally sourced sustainable materials. Bamboo spokes support the hand-painted, hand-threaded canvas drill canopies, these are complimented by intricately hand-carved poles made of Durian wood. Each parasol is unique and by nature, the handmade production process results in a luxury long-term investment. Due to the handmade methods used in producing our beautiful Parasols this can result in potentially long lead times because of the limited production capacity available, we are sure you will agree they are worth the wait. 

Please note: Base sold separately here.

UK Mainland Delivery Rates - Parasol Only £15 
Base only £30 - Free delivery when ordering a Parasol and a Base
Select Standard Delivery Option -Applied at Checkout 

When opened, our Parasols are 190cm wide x 240cm high, with a 4cm diameter pole.

For every sale, we make a donation to the Volunteer Foundation
'Yayasan Relawan Bali' whose philosophy is “a simple human doing
something for others” a sentiment we follow & admire.
Please see their Facebook page for more information on their work here

Care & Maintenance
Full Care Guide Available here