Order a Parasol and Base and get FREE DELIVERY. Automatically applied at Checkout.NB. Seconds not included. Order a Parasol and Base and get FREE DELIVERY. Automatically applied at Checkout. NB. Seconds not included.

Kadek Parasol




We have commissioned a very few exclusive Kadek Parasols they are named after our friend and photographer in Bali and are very special with their traditional Ikat design fabric and internal white threading to compliment the fabric, we are sure these designs will be one of your favourites but there are only a few so don't miss the opportunity to have a very exclusive parasol for your garden.

Please note: Base sold separately here.

For every sale we make a donation to the Yayasan Relawan Charity in Bali - being a Volunteer Foundation whose philosophy is “a simple human doing something for others” a sentiment we follow & admire.



When opened, our Parasols are 190cm wide x 240cm high, with a 4cm dia pole.


Care & Maintenance:

Your parasol needs to be tended to very carefully, after all they come from a beautiful tropical climate and will find some of our weather conditions very inhospitable. We recommend you treat them a little like a delicate plant, we advise you to bring them in and never leave them out in the rain, especially high winds can be damaging to them. Should they inadvertently get caught in a shower be careful to dry them completely before putting them away.  In nature being handcrafted no two Parasols are the same and also have an authentic finish to them, they are not machine made and have their own  individual character.

We have added a simple system so that they can be stored in two pieces and recommend when they are put up that the security screw is in place for stability. When you first receive your Parasol they can be rather reluctant to show themselves off, however if you open the Parasol before you place it into the pole by pushing the top into the ground this is a lot easier. Full instructions and care details will be enclosed with each purchase.